Hard Drives Going Down

Hard drives are not the most stable parts of your computer. They are always prone to crash. Sometimes even slight hitch in the electrical environment that the computer works in is enough to cause a hard drive crash. Therefore, preventing a hard drive crash is out of the question. However, you can detect the early signs, which might later lead to a hard drive failure. Hard drives, being mechanical devices, do create noise. When they are functioning smoothly, the noise is also smooth. By the changes in the tones and the disturbances like whirring and grinding noises that emanate from a hard drive box, you can determine that the hard drives are nearing their end.  Just before the crash, the drives will create a lot of chaotic sounds. The next thing you should do in such cases is remove the hard drives from the computer, rather than try to open them again to create backups. Once removed, you can check the drives on some other computer and save your data.

However, if there is a hard drive crash before any data could be saved, the best solution would be to get hold of some data recovery software to retrieve all the data on the drive.

There is hope for regular users of computers who have the habit of storing lots of data on their PCs or laptops and are worried of a hard drive crash.  There are data recovery software solutions available in the market today that can help you recover all the data in crashed hard drives. However, before applying the data recovery software, it has to be found out whether it was in fact a hard drive crash or whether it was an operation system failure. If the crash was soundless, then most probably, it was an operating system failure or a logical failure.  If the crash occurred with some weird noises out of the hard drive box and if these noises had been there for some days at least before the crash, then it is a hard drive crash for sure, as you will see at

Today’s computer users need not worry about such hardware crashes because there are software solutions. There is data recovery software available that can recover all the important data that had been tucked away in the drives. Therefore, there is scarcely anything to worry if your hard drive breaks, because none of the data will be completely lost. You can either use the software or hand the faulty drives to the data recovery experts.

Having to fix your hard drive is one of the tasks that nobody is going to be looking forward to. Nevertheless, what if your hard drive breaks down or crashes? What if you have a lot of important files that are necessary for your job? Sometimes, when your hard drive crashes it is because the circuit board, or PCB, has malfunctioned. It can also be caused by a burned out board or a bad controller chip that may lead to a dead hard drive.

An example of an older hard drive controller board.

There are really quite a few causes for why your hard drive may be broken. But be careful when you hear about people talking about the idea of replacing your hard drive circuit board by yourself. It typically looks like this: first, you remove the hard drive from your computer; the first thing you should do from there is look for the brand name at the back of the drive and its model number. When looking for a new circuit board, you must make sure you get the exact circuit board for your drive. This is unfortunately one of the most difficult part of the process. Some amateur do-it-yourself sites will then say: “Place the new circuit board on the hard drive in the exact and proper way that it was originally removed. Align it the same way as the old one and screw it down. Once you are done, connect it to your computer, and you will be amazed because it will absolutely work.”


Unfortunately, my friends at Hard Drive Recovery Associates warned me that they have seen hundreds of people attempting to do this and often they just damage their hard drive further. The truth behind performing a hard drive repair is that you probably shouldn’t try to do it on your own. Not only did going to be difficult for you to find the right board, but replacing it actually requires specific hard drive recovery skills. The likelihood of you having those skills is probably pretty low, so it is always better to leave it to a data recovery expert.

Your hard drive is an integral building block of your system. Nobody wants to lose the data from their computer, but the truth is that hard drives are sensitive devices. A hard drive crash may happen to you, and can really be a costly thing to try to restore data – things like pictures, videos or word documents – that you have saved on the disk.

One of the most common defects of hard drives is bad sectors on a disk surface. Bad sectors are a part of the disk area, which contains unreadable, but often necessary information. As the result of having a bad sector is that it will be more difficult for you to read and copy data from your disk. Also, your operating system may also become unstable and finally, your computer will shutdown. When your hard drive is damaged with bad sectors, you probably have very little choice but to contact the company that specifically can provide hard drive repair. Without the proper professional repair, your disk will not be safe to use anymore, and attempting to use it further could destroy all of the data on the platters. This is why in a case like this you always wanted power down your machine and make sure that you at least give a data recovery service professional a call. You will definitely be glad you did.

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