Staying Strong At A Desk Job

Being chair-bound for most of your workday can sometimes leave you fatigued, tense and generally sapped of energy. Worse ills can result–headaches, neck and back pains, stress, and perhaps even high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Robert Gedaliah, a speech and communications professor at City College of New York and a marathon runner in his spare time, has created an at-your-desk fitness program that you can follow without leaving your seat or disturbing fellow workers. It is not an exhausting physical workout and neither aerobic nor muscle building. Instead, it is a set of exercises he calls energizers. The regimen is explained and illustrated in his booklet P.E.P.: The Productivity Effectiveness Program.

The ten P.E.P. exercises, drawn from yoga, t’ai chi, the marital arts, running and archery routines, involve deep breathing, stretching, isometrics and relaxation techniques. Each calls for a gentle yet stimulating movement. All are designed to generate “high energy by increasing blood circulation, pumping fresh oxygen into your body and relieving muscle strain brought on by stress.”

Gedaliah claims nine minutes of P.E.P. exercises will give you a long lasting boost of energy and help you feel better. He proposes it as a no-calories alternative to the coffee or candy-bar break. (For more on exercise, see the articles that begin on pages 28 and 32.)

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